• Heavy model of YOICHI 99 boasting extraordinary distant performance

    ■ Flight distance performance aimed at further distances than the original model
    ■ Ideal for offshore rocks capture at the beach and bottom capture at the surf
    ■ It supports not only Sea Bass but Flat Fish

    They would like to capture the spots that will not reach even the original model with outstanding performance ... In the surf game I want to keep the float higher than the original model, I want to take a bottom shoot ... YOICHI 99 BALLISTA was developed based on requests from such ima testers. A weight of 36 g makes it possible to further fly distance and stable bottom capture and succeed the exquisite swimming posture which is the feature of the YOICHI series, so that it is possible to attack the upper layers above the general heavyweight sinking pencil Is also the strength of this lure. It becomes a reliable new one of the iso game, the aim of the off shore structure, the bottom capture of the surf.


    • #YI99B-001 Chart Back Pearl 4539625146047
    • #YI99B-002 Cotton Candy 4539625146054
    • #YI99B-003 Ibaraki Candy 4539625146061
    • #YI99B-004 Pink Sardine 4539625146078
    • #YI99B-005 Mako Iwashi 4539625146085
    • #YI99B-006 Bora 4539625146092
    • #YI99B-007 Red Gold OG 4539625146108
    • #YI99B-008 Shikisai 4539625146115
    • #YI99B-009 Black & Black 4539625146122
    • #YI99B-010 Lime Star Clear 4539625146139
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Model Range Price (tax out)
YOICHI 99 BALLISTA 30〜80cm ¥1,650
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