• Shooting targets far away sinking pencil


    ■ High flight distance performance delivered from a stable flight attitude with a weight of 18g
    ■ Moderate pull resistance to convey the action of lure the hand of the angler
    ■ Shallow performance that can aim at the surface to middle class

    "Thinking pencil that shoots the target of far away"
    YOICHI series developed to the concept.
    According to the concept of such YOICHI, of course, high castability,
    It inherited the excellent shallow performance that is also a feature of the series
    YOICHI 80 of the downsizing model.
    80 mm, all round regardless of place and season
    Sinking pencil YOICHI 80 is not just a downsizing model,
    By the body and cup shape that the attention was overtaken
    Cover the shallow range to the middle layer, with moderate drag resistance
    The ability to communicate information to anglers is also excellent.
    The action is slalom and corresponds to slow to medium retrieve.
    Universal type high-performance sinking pencil with high overall strength. True hit appearance of YOICHI series.

    YOICHI 80

    • [Length]80mm
    • [Weight]18g
    • [Type]Sinking
    • [Range]20〜60cm
    • [Action]Slalom
    • [Hook]#6
    • [Ring]#3
    • [Price]¥1,500 (tax out)
    • [Birthday]2019/4/4
    • [Recommended area]TidelandShallowRiver
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    • #YI80-001 Red Head 4539625152758
    • #YI80-002 Red Head Pearl OB 4539625152765
    • #YI80-003 Chart Back Pearl 4539625152772
    • #YI80-004 Matte Chart 4539625152789
    • #YI80-005 Haku 4539625152796
    • #YI80-006 Cotton Candy 4539625152802
    • #YI80-007 Makoiwashi 4539625152819
    • #YI80-008 Bora 4539625152826
    • #YI80-009 Red Gold OG 4539625152833
    • #YI80-010 Shikisai 4539625152840
    • #YI80-011 Moon Night Shadow 4539625152857
    • #YI80-012 Lime Star Clear 4539625152864
  • All-around shimpen penetrating the distance far far
    ■ Distance performance to fly to the place you want to deliver
    ■ Drift fishing method · Horizontal fall posture easy to use with stop & go
    ■ seabass is of course,
    It corresponds also to the surf's flat fish

    It is the flight distance that is regarded as important in recent lure games. Yoichi 99 has a weight of 28g and a distinctive silhouette that is unlikely to be affected by air resistance, can beat out a satisfying flight distance. And a characteristic, slightly cupped lip generates moderate pulling resistance and conveys information such as the position and movement of lure to the hands of the angler. Fall posture is set to horizontal fall, It made it easy to use drift fishing method and stop & go. On rivers and Rocks on the seashore It corresponds not only to seabass but also to a flat fish game at surf. It's an all-round shimpen that plays an active part in scenes that require distance.

    YOICHI 99

    • [Length]99mm
    • [Weight]28g
    • [Type]Sinking
    • [Range]10〜60cm
    • [Action]Wide Slalom
    • [Hook]#3
    • [Ring]#4
    • [Price]¥1,650 (tax out)
    • [Birthday]2017/3/31
    • [Recommended area]Rocks on the seashoreSurfRiver
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    • #YI99-001 Red Head 4539625096922
    • #YI99-002 Chart Back Pearl 4539625096939
    • #YI99-003 Matt Chart 4539625096946
    • #YI99-004 Clear Crown 4539625096953
    • #YI99-005 Cotton Candy 4539625096960
    • #YI99-006 Ibaraki Candy 4539625096977
    • #YI99-007 Pink Sardine 4539625096984
    • #YI99-008 Makoiwashi 4539625096991
    • #YI99-009 Bora 4539625097769
    • #YI99-010 Gold Shiner 4539625097776
    • #YI99-011 Akakin OG 4539625097783
    • #YI99-012 Shikisai 4539625097790
    • #YI99-013 PHBBC 4539625125134 New color Released in March 2018
    • #YI99-014 Black & Black 4539625125141 New color Released in March 2018
    • #YI99-015 Metal Shad 4539625125158 New color Released in March 2018
    • #YI99-016 Red Head Pearl OB 4539625125165 New color Released in March 2018
    • #YI99-017 Bora Glow 4539625130664
      Yuuki Ohno COLOR
      New color Released in June 2018
    • #YI99-018 Matt Orange Blue 4539625130671
      Hitoshi Suzuki COLOR
      New color Released in June 2018
    • #YI99-019 Blue Hamai 4539625130688
      Hamamoto Kunihiko COLOR
      New color Released in June 2018
    • #YI99-020 classic RH 4539625130695
      Tetsuya Henmi COLOR
      New color Released in June 2018
  • YOICHI LIGHT MODEL that fits far away shallow
    ■ Flight distance performance to fly to where you want to deliver
    ■ Horizontal Fall posture that is easy to use with drift fishing, stop & go
    ■ Normal-5g weight setting for slow flow

    lure distance is most regarded in games. YOICHI 99 knocks overwhelming flight distance with a silhouette that is hard to receive its weight and air resistance. Cup-shaped lip receiving water flow senses change in flow and appeals baitfish with unique silhouette. Wide slalom action reproduces Natural motion. YOICHI 99 Light of such a light model that can demonstrate the ability of such YOICHI 99 even in the shallow area and loose flow area. It is possible to lose weight by -5g and to slow down while keeping the range from the middle to the top. With its high flight distance performance and exactly good pulling resistance, It also supports wide-range search of shallow.

    YOICHI 99 Light

    • [Length]99mm
    • [Weight]23g
    • [Type]Sinking
    • [Range]10〜50cm
    • [Action]Wide Slalom
    • [Hook]#3
    • [Ring]#4
    • [Price]¥1,650 (tax out)
    • [Birthday]2017/9/30
    • [Recommended area]TidelandHarborRiverEstuary
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    • #YI99L-001 Red Head 4539625116668
    • #YI99L-002 Chart Back Pearl 4539625116675
    • #YI99L-003 Matt Chart 4539625116682
    • #YI99L-004 Clear Crown 4539625116699
    • #YI99L-005 Cotton Candy 4539625116705
    • #YI99L-006 Ibaraki Candy 4539625116712
    • #YI99L-007 Pink Sardine 4539625116729
    • #YI99L-008 Makoiwashi 4539625116736
    • #YI99L-009 Bora 4539625116743
    • #YI99L-010 Gold Shiner 4539625116750
    • #YI99L-011 AkakinOG 4539625116767
    • #YI99L-012 Shikisai 4539625116774
    • #YI99L-013 Bora Glow 4539625130701
      Yuki Ohno COLOR
      New color Released in June 2018
    • #YI99L-014 Matt Orange Blue 4539625130718
      Hitoshi Suzuki COLOR
      New color Released in June 2018
    • #YI99L-015 Blue Hamai 4539625130725
      Hamamoto Kunihiko COLOR
      New color Released in June 2018
    • #YI99L-016 classic RH 4539625130732
      Tetsuya Henmi COLOR
      New color Released in June 2018
    • #YI99L-017 Red Head Pearl OB 4539625143695 New color
      Scheduled to be released
      in September 2018
    • #YI99L-018 Black & Black 4539625143701 New color
      Scheduled to be released
      in September 2018
    • #YI99L-019 White Clear 4539625143718 New color
      Scheduled to be released
      in September 2018
    • #YI99L-020 Shadow Gold 4539625143725 New color
      Scheduled to be released
      in September 2018
  • Heavy model of YOICHI 99 boasting extraordinary distant performance

    ■ Flight distance performance aimed at further distances than the original model
    ■ Ideal for offshore rocks capture at the beach and bottom capture at the surf
    ■ It supports not only Sea Bass but Flat Fish

    They would like to capture the spots that will not reach even the original model with outstanding performance ... In the surf game I want to keep the float higher than the original model, I want to take a bottom shoot ... YOICHI 99 BALLISTA was developed based on requests from such ima testers. A weight of 36 g makes it possible to further fly distance and stable bottom capture and succeed the exquisite swimming posture which is the feature of the YOICHI series, so that it is possible to attack the upper layers above the general heavyweight sinking pencil Is also the strength of this lure. It becomes a reliable new one of the iso game, the aim of the off shore structure, the bottom capture of the surf.


    • #YI99B-001 Chart Back Pearl 4539625146047
    • #YI99B-002 Cotton Candy 4539625146054
    • #YI99B-003 Ibaraki Candy 4539625146061
    • #YI99B-004 Pink Sardine 4539625146078
    • #YI99B-005 Mako Iwashi 4539625146085
    • #YI99B-006 Bora 4539625146092
    • #YI99B-007 Red Gold OG 4539625146108
    • #YI99B-008 Shikisai 4539625146115
    • #YI99B-009 Black & Black 4539625146122
    • #YI99B-010 Lime Star Clear 4539625146139
Spec comparison
Model Length Weight Type Range Action Hook Ring Price (tax out)
YOICHI 80 80mm 18g Sinking 20〜60cm Slalom #6 #3 ¥1,500
YOICHI 99 99mm 28g Sinking 10〜60cm Wide Slalom #3 #4 ¥1,650
YOICHI 99 Light 99mm 23g Sinking 10〜50cm Wide Slalom #3 #4 ¥1,650
YOICHI 99 BALLISTA 99mm 36g Sinking 30〜80cm Slalom #3 #4 ¥1,650


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