• Fast action plus similar rare flight distance and shallow performance
    ■ Side · keel that stabilizes flight attitude and extends flight distance
    ■ Unique lip shape chewing shocker and water
    ■ Action of flashy eyes in shallow and high appeal

    The bait that seabass supplements from spring to summer is small, and it becomes very selective to lure size. It will be an active part in such a situation iBORN 78F shallow. Like the 98F, since it adopts a body shape that provides a stable flight attitude, the far throw performance which can be said to be a drawback of a compact minnow is satisfactory, it is possible to capture a large place even though it is small. 98F shallow had sacrificed performance because it specialized the long cast performance and shallow performance. That is the fast action. The reason for adopting a small lip so as not to submerge lure is the cause, but iBORN 78 F shallow made it possible to compatibilize by measuring the lip shape and weight balance. While inheriting stable action at low speed, It corresponds to Fast retrieve and Twitch without jumping out of the water surface.

    iBORN 78F shallow

    • #IB78FS-001 Red Head 4539625064815
    • #IB78FS-002 Red Head Pearl OB 4539625064822
    • #IB78FS-003 Chart Back Pearl 4539625064839
    • #IB78FS-004 Chart Head Clear 4539625064846
    • #IB78FS-005 Cotton Candy 4539625064853
    • #IB78FS-006 Makoiwashi 4539625064860
    • #IB78FS-007 Bora 4539625064877
    • #IB78FS-008 Haku 4539625064884
    • #IB78FS-009 Green Back Shiner 4539625064891
    • #IB78FS-010 Banzu Master 4539625064907
    • #IB78FS-011 Golden Candy 4539625064914
    • #IB78FS-012 Creamy Chart 4539625064921
    • #IB78FS-013 Matt Bora 4539625098629
    • #IB78FS-014 Chart Head Clear Konoshiro 4539625098636
    • #IB78FS-015 Classical RH 4539625129774
    • #IB78FS-016 Rich Melon 4539625129781
    • #IB78FS-017 Florida holo 4539625155704 New color
    • #IB78FS-018 PH pearl dot 4539625155711 New color
  • Long cast performance + Shallow range
    ■ Side · keel that stabilizes flight attitude and extends flight distance
    ■ Unique lip shape chewing shock and water
    ■ Shallow and high appeal flashy action

    Anyway, I wanted a minnow that flew well and did not divide. Flight distance can be said to be the most important factor in shallow flat. Also, not only in shallow but seabass games, the advantage of flight distance will follow the angler in all situations. And the ability of the Fish Eater to catch the baitfish in shallow and reliable attitude is also important. Implement these two elements in a basic form.

    iBORN 98 F shallow

    • #IB98F-001 Red Head 4539625241988
    • #IB98F-002 Chart Back Pearl 4539625241995
    • #IB98F-004 Cotton Candy 4539625242015
    • #IB98FS-005 Makoiwashi 4539625242022
    • #IB98F-006 Bora 4539625242039
    • #IB98FS-007 Seguro 4539625242046
    • #IB98F-008 GreenGold 4539625242053
    • #IB98F-00 009 Banzu Master 4539625242060
    • #IB98F-011 Citrus Chart 4539625077570
    • #IB98F-012 Creamy Chart 4539625077587
    • #IB98F-013 Gradaiwashi HT custom 4539625077594
    • #IB98F-014 Clear Black 4539625077600
    • #IB98F-015 Mat Bora 4539625098643
    • #IB98F-016 Chart Head Clear Konoshiro 4539625098650
    • #IB98FS-017 Classical RH 4539625129798
    • #IB98FS-018 Rich Melon 4539625129804
    • #IB98FS-019 Florida holo 4539625155728 New color
    • #IB98FS-020 PH pearl dot 4539625155735 New color
  • The super shallow lure i-BORN has evolved to be able to cast further.
    ■ Equipped with ima's original center-of-gravity movement system “MRD” that uses the repulsive force to force heavy weights back.
    ■ Equipped with "MRD system" to achieve both flight distance and quick action.
    ■ Super shallow performance with exquisite buoyancy and body balance

    Center of gravity movement system "MRD" first equipping! iBORN 118F shallow appears.
    The iBORN series is based on the concept of Minnow, who can retrieve a shallow no matter who throws it. It also supports large bait patterns, and an additional 118mm size lineup that expands the range of strategies is available. The center-of-gravity movement system "MRD", which realizes further flight distance and quick start-up, is the first lure equipping.

    iBORN 118F shallow

    • #IB118FS-001 Red Head 4539625155285
    • #IB118FS-002 Chart Back Pearl 4539625155292
    • #IB118FS-003 Cotton Candy 4539625155308
    • #IB118FS-004 Bora 4539625155315
    • #IB118FS-005 Makoiwashi 4539625155322
    • #IB118FS-006 Seguro 4539625155339
    • #IB118FS-007 Vans Master 4539625155346
    • #IB118FS-008 Creamy chart 4539625155353
    • #IB118FS-009 Rich melon 4539625155360
    • #IB118FS-010 Classical RH 4539625155377
    • #IB118FS-011 Florida holo 4539625155384
    • #IB118FS-012 PH pearl dot 4539625155391
Spec comparison
Model Length Weight Type Range Action Hook Ring Price (tax out)
iBORN 78F shallow 78mm 8.5g floating 10〜40cm Wide Wobbn'Roll #6 #3 ¥1,800
iBORN 98 F shallow 98mm 13g floating 0〜20cm Wide Wobbn'Roll #4 #3 ¥1,850
iBORN 118F shallow 118mm 19g floating 5〜30cm Wobbn'Roll #3 #3 ¥2,000


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