• Strong appeal to the sea bass sound & action!

    ■ Dog walk action that can be easily
    ■ Razzling rattle sound and action that invites sea bass.
    ■ Dispersion is reduced by large # 3 hook deployment.

    Strong appeal to the sea bass conscious of the surface in the sound, action, splash!
    CHAPPY 100 of ima professional staff Hitoshi Suzuki second edition.
    Quick and speedy dog walk action, unique sounds from two different rattles
    Natural splash and bubble, such three elements appeal to the surface-conscious sea bass!
    Not only this appealing ability that can be drawn out from a deep range, it is also a strength to be able to search a wide range on a flight distance that does not seem to be a 100 mm body.
    Easy-to-use, easy-to-use, reliable pencil bait top game.

    CHAPPY 100

    • #CP100-001 Red head 4539625153991
    • #CP100-002 Chart Back Pearl 4539625154592
    • #CP100-003 Cotton candy 4539625154608
    • #CP100-004 Bora 4539625154615
    • #CP100-005 Makoiwashi 4539625154622
    • #CP100-006 Mat Chart 4539625154639
    • #CP100-007 Matt Orange Blue 4539625154646
    • #CP100-008 Black & Black 4539625154653
    • #CP100-009 Shikisai 4539625154660
    • #CP100-010 Clear crown 4539625154677
    • #CP100-011 Silver shadow 4539625154684
    • #CP100-012 Classic 4539625154691
    • #CP100-013 Sight Bora 4539625154707
    • #CP100-014 Silver Black Special 4539625154714
    • #CP100-015 Plated Sardine 4539625171681
    • #CP100-016 Sight Candy 4539625171698
Spec comparison
Model Length Weight Type Action Hook Ring Price (tax out)
CHAPPY 100 100mm 18g Top water Dog Walk #3 #3 ¥1,800


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