Original genuinely aluminum front W screw with gunmetal finish and winding check, grip section which triggers a dull shine, a symbol of the bait casting rod. Like the Shibumi spinning model, equipped with wood spacer on the reel seat. Grip is cork specification. The front end and the butt end adopt reinforced cork excellent in durability, and it also serves as a design accent. Directly touching the hands, pursuing extravagant playfulness along with the function in the parts that always touches the eyes.


Shibumi’s blank that matches the most bait tackle.

A rod that loosely draws a beautiful arc and cherishes the exchange with one tail, Shibumi series. Unlike the fast, regular fast tapered rod which is the main stream of the current seabass fishing, the bait casting model adopts Shibumi’s original regular taper blank. An excellent blank of a regular taper created with Shibumi. This has the potential to enjoy the bait casting more in the current seabass fishing scene and to pursue the quest more deeply. The first one is in ‘Comfort of Cast’. Casting with a bait reel with a blast of fast taper, the tip sharply warps. This recoil rapidly accelerated the speed of the flying Lure , which has become a cause of backlash. The regular taper Shibumi’s blank has no disadvantage. Of course Angler’s technique, it will be possible to prevent backlash with high probability. But when you challenge seabass in a tough field, comfort becomes a strong weapon to raise the limit performance of the angler. Fight next. Recently the PE line is at its peak, its flow is no exception in bait reel tackle. With the combination of fast taper rod and less elongated PE line with less tortuosity, lack of followability to fish irregular movements such as head shaking, line tension suddenly falls out at fight. It goes without saying that this will be a big factor for getting away the fish. Shibumi takes advantage of the characteristics of the regular taper and firmly follows the movement of the fish. Successfully mitigated off the hook. Based on the blank of the spinning model, Shibumi bait casting model which was thoroughly adjusted by giving a new exclusive design. High casting accuracy of bait reel, strong power, sensitivity of PE line, it follows all of it and it is finished in blank which raises it.


Shibumi IS710MLC

Length 7’10” LineClass Max1.5G
LureWeight MAX28g
Price ¥62,500(tax out)

Ideal for small-scale rivers, etc. where narrow take-back is difficult. Regular action allows for a good reworking fishing that casts small minnows and vibrations at pinpoint with a constant tension with a constant tempo. Even in short range fighting, the rod absorbs shocks, so even fishing in mainstream PE can suppress cissing and ballet as much as possible. In addition, it is possible to reduce the risk of hitting the water surface during deep wading takeback, and to achieve a stable flight distance.

Shibumi IS810MC

Length:8’10” LineClass Max2G
LureWeight MAX35g
Price ¥64,500(tax out)

Standard model of Sibumi bait casting model. Its regular action can cast a wide variety of Lure from stress from minnow to vibrations without stress. Moreover, its high operability enthuses fish with living feeling in Lure. Shibumi realizes a powerful fight with the action to be taken with the whole rod specific to Shibumi. Cast, action, fight and bait casting It is one that can fully enjoy the real pleasure of the rod without fail.

Shibumi IS904MHC

Length:9’4” LineClass Max2G
LureWeight MAX45g
Price 66,000円(tax out)

This model is suitable for situations where a long cast such as a water stopping area, estuary area, surf and the like aim at a wide range of fish. Not only minnow and vibrations but also jigs etc are within the defense range. A weight or a strong resistance lure of a power to be without stress action, continue to lure fish in the operation may not feel the long rod. Rod power can afford to give the initiative to bigfish during fighting. Of course it is also suitable for use in places with high footing.

Aluminum material is used for reel seat part, end cap. Wash thoroughly with fresh water after fishing, please wipe moisture with a dry soft cloth. There is a danger of corrosion due to salt and impurities in seawater. Be sure to operate the W screw from the inside when tightening and from the outside when loosening. There is fear of sticking if you tighten it by force. Since the reel seat ring is made of metal, it may be damaged by your reel foot. Please note.


Shibumi IS710MLC Length 7’10” LineMAX PE1.5 Action Regular Power Medium light LureMAX 28g Weight 133g Suggested retail price ¥62,500(tax out)
Shibumi IS810MC Length 8’10” LineMAX PE2 Action Regular Power Medium LureMAX 35g Weight 147g Suggested retail price ¥64,500(tax out)
Shibumi IS904MHC Length 9’4” LineMAX PE2 Action Regular Power Medium Heavy LureMAX 45g Weight 158g Suggested retail price ¥66,000(tax out)

I want to fish with bait tackle …Ams Design Rod producer Tetsuya Henmi


I want to fish with bait tackle …Ams Design Rod producer Tetsuya Henmi

Our generation longed for bait tackle when young, bait tackle was a tool handled by an adult man, holding such an image. Time goes by, through the evolution of industrial technology easy to evolve and enjoy the casting game by using the bait reel is a unique world view somewhat similar to nostalgic sentiment, encounter with many fish It is probably the area of



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