The ima plug of Made in Japan has received high praise abroad. Introducing the ima testers who are active around the world! Their catch · Activities are introduced in facebook etc.


  • Kurt Dove

    I am participating in the BASS Elite Series.

    Lake Amistad’s agile guide.

    Top 20 BASS finish 9 times

    BASS Elite Series 2 season entry

    FLW / BFL champion

    Texas Bass Classic 2 tickets

  • Michael Murphy

    Produce Lure : Flit 120

    FLW Tour, FLW Stren Series, Enter FLW BFL & Bass Opens

    The first year of participation and the championship FLW Forrest Wood Cup participation

    2007 FLW Southeast Stren Series- Lake Okeechobee 10th place

    2008 FLW Southeast Stren Series- Pickwick Lake 6th

    2010 FLW Series-eastern Division Final Standings 15th

    2011 Bass Northern Open Final Standings 11th

    2011 Bass Northern Open – Lake Erie 3rd place

    2012 FLW BFL Regional 5th place

    2013 FLW BFL All-american 8th place

  • Fred Roumbanis

    Produce Lure : Roumba

    BASS Elite Series, FLW Tour Series,
    Enter the PAA Series

    Bassmaster Classic participation 4 times

    BASS tournament victory 2 times, 2nd place 4 times, Top 10 finish 14 times

    Best Finish In 2013 2- Bull Shoals Lake, 4/18/2013

    2006 Lake Amistad, Texas 2nd place

    2007 High Rock Lake, North Carolina 1st place

    2008 Lake Murray, South Carolina 1st place

  • Bill Lowen

    Produce Lure : ima Squarebill

    Bassmaster Classic 6 participations

    2010 Bassmaster Elite Series – 20th place annually

    2011 Bassmaster Elite Series – 34th yearly

    2012 Bassmaster Classic 10th place

    Top 5 BASS finish 6 times, Top 10 Finish 10 Times

  • Randy Pringle

    California’s top guide.

    Utilizing abundant fishing experience such as Amazon fishing Seminars are also popular.

  • Paul Mueller

    Guide of Connecticut Lake.
    2014 Bassmaster Classic 2nd place Bassmaster Classic Recorded the greatest day ever 32 pounds a day.
    2015 Bassmaster Classic Qualifying
    2015 Elite Pro Angler

  • Todd Kline

    Former professional surfer. Angler who is also active as a surfing announcer now.
    2013 & 2014 Angler of the Year
    2013 & 2014 FLW Everstart Western Division CO-ANGLER
    2015 FLW Rayovac Championship Qualification TBC 1st place


  • Daniel Thian

    Target fish: baramundi, seabass , black bass

    Favorite ima Lure : sasuke SF – 140, SpinGulf 20, Nabarone 150 F

    A skill school who has polished his game of game fishing from 10 years old. Especially in bite finesse there is no doubt about the technology research, its efforts to showcase the masterpieces that fly monster-class barramundi with light tackle. It is also the longest record holder of local bait cast distance.

  • Kaysen Tay

    Target fish: asia arowana, peacock bass, giant snake head

    Favorite ima Lure : SpinGulf NEO 20, LITTLE STIK, HONEYTRAP 70s

    Fresh water, especially the hope of young expectation specializing in jungle fishing. Have the spirit of never up & keeping casting. Ima Lure is an indispensable existence for fishing up monsters, and the action of ima Lure tropical fishing is huge.


  • Artyom Mishin

    Favorite fish species: pike, perch
    Favorite ima Lure : Flit 120 (boat), issen 45 S (shore)

    Working with a Russian agent as a professional staff. As a Russian delegate for the second consecutive year in international fresh water tournament FIPSed, he has won medals.

  • Alexey Shanin

    Favorite fish species: Pike
    (Catch the picture with Pin Jack 200!)
    Favorite ima Lure : sukari 50SS

    Participate in 19 world competitions, not limited to Russia. Currently it is a training institution of South Russia who also produces gold medalists in the Russian championship and also teaches trout fishing in reverse.


  • Alp Kaptanci

    Favorite fish species: European seabass
    Favorite ima Lure : Pugachev’s Cobra, iBorn

    seabass angler who attacks the bay and estuary every day from dawn. I am familiar with the habits of heavy buses and keep fishing for half a day.

  • Serkan Ozturk

    Favorite fish species: European seabass
    Favorite ima Lure : sasuke 120 Reppa , komomo, kosuke series

    After sunset, Angler who pursues seabass under the high wave of the Gulf. He loves sasuke Reppa.

  • Sulh Turgay Karaaslan

    Favorite fish species: Blue Fish
    Favorite ima Lure : sasuke 120 Reppa , komomo series, Salt Skimmer

    It fulfills the charm of blue fishing and feeds that sense day by day. He is familiar with fishing in the Aegean Sea, studying sasuke 120 Reppa (especially Chart Back Pearl !) At night, komomo SF-130 for Clearwater, Salt Skimmer at sunrise and a number of unique winning patterns.


  • George Fantaros

    Favorite fish species: sandwarm
    Favorite ima Lure : GUNKICHI 40 g / 60 g

    Besides running one of Athens’ most pro shops, shore jigging a specialist who has a different name of “Jigging Master” locally. Fishing up good tuna every day and updating catch on Facebook etc.


  • Nick Roberts

    Favorite ima Lure : komomo SF-125

    Understanding ima ‘s marketing in the UK, but also himself an angler who tests the appeal and function of the product. Occasionally there are covers of local magazines appearing, it is also the face of ima UK.


  • Luca Quintavalla

    Favorite fish species: black bass
    Favorite ima Lure : Helips

    Bass pro in Italy to do technical guidance for fishing. Leave a good result at the competition of Italy and USA for more than 15 years. He also appeared in Italian fishing lure “LA PESCA MOSCA E SPINNING”, Italian fishing program “PESCA”, appeared in numerous other TV programs, and PR is bass fishing.


  • Destin Nguyen

    Favorite fish species: Barramundi
    Favorite ima Lure : sasuke 75 shad, koume series

    He throw first lure when fishing barramundi is always Sasuke 75 shad or Koume series. Especially the Koume series likes the place which develops various series so that it can cope with various situations.。


imatetra series 海外専売商品

Russia, Europe, Australia, Singapore, etc. Imatetra series targeting fish eater such as perch and pike.

Eliminate the flight distance required for small lure with aeroform. By rotating the four models according to the situation, We can systematically capture all freshwater fields from mountain stream to lake with light tackle.

※ We do not plan to sell the imatetra series in Japan.


Basic model of imatetra.

Light pulling resistance and sensitive to action Invite the target with the body to react. 。

With a strong flow design Prevent pop-out.

  • [Length]40mm
  • [Weight]3g
  • [Depth]40〜50cm
  • [Type]Suspend
  • [Hook]ST36BC #16
  • [Action]Tight rolling
  • #TR-001 TM
  • #TR-002 GRA
  • #TR-003 Blue Gill
  • #TR-004 Y
  • #TR-005 B
  • #TR-006 MF
  • #TR-007 Yamame
  • #TR-008 Seguro
  • #TR-009 Wakasagi
  • #TR-010 YS
  • #TR-011 Silver Black
  • #TR-012 Matt Blue Gill
  • #TR-013 Nishimura Black
  • #TR-014 Black Back Orange Berry

imatetra mono

Strong against rapids, even for low activity fish Induce reaction bite Ecstatic wobbling action.

What is basic imatetra Use different actions You can grasp the pattern.

  • [Length]40mm
  • [Weight]3.6g
  • [Depth]40〜60cm
  • [Type]Suspend
  • [Hook]ST36BC #14
  • [Action]Tight wobbling
  • #Tm-001 TM
  • #Tm-002 GRA
  • #Tm-003 Blue Gill
  • #Tm-004 Y
  • #Tm-005 B
  • #Tm-006 MF
  • #Tm-007 Yamame
  • #Tm-008 Seguro
  • #Tm-009 Wakasagi
  • #Tm-010 YS
  • #Tm-011 Silver Black
  • #Tm-012 Matt Blue Gill
  • #Tm-013 Nishimura Black
  • #Tm-014 Black Back Orange Berry

imatetra di

Slow specialist.

A model best suited for a water stop area (lake / pond).

Raise the reeling speed Irregular meandering was added, Automatic timing of feeding To direct

  • [Length]40mm
  • [Weight]3.8g
  • [Depth]30〜50cm
  • [Type]Suspend
  • [Hook]ST36BC #14
  • [Action]Woburnrol
  • #Td-001 TM
  • #Td-002 GRA
  • #Td-003 Blue Gill
  • #Td-004 Y
  • #Td-005 B
  • #Td-006 MF
  • #Td-007 Yamame
  • #Td-008 Seguro
  • #Td-009 Wakasagi
  • #Td-010 YS
  • #Td-011 Silver Black
  • #Td-012 Matt Blue Gill
  • #Td-013 Nishimura Black
  • #Td-014 Black Back Orange Berry

imatetra tri

It has the largest weight among 4 series, Boasts outstanding flight distance.

. Stable action from low speed to high speed A model that can be used for all rounds.

Wind, distant point, bottom etc Used for keywords.

  • [Length]40mm
  • [Weight]5g
  • [Depth]50〜70cm
  • [Type]Suspend
  • [Hook]ST36BC #14
  • [Action]Woburnrol
  • #Tt-001 TM
  • #Tt-002 GRA
  • #Tt-003 Blue Gill
  • #Tt-004 Y
  • #Tt-005 B
  • #Tt-006 MF
  • #Tt-007 Yamame
  • #Tt-008 Seguro
  • #Tt-009 Wakasagi
  • #Tt-010 YS
  • #Tt-011 Silver Black
  • #Tt-012 Matt Blue Gill
  • #Tt-013 Nishimura Black
  • #Tt-014 Black Back Orange Berry

NABARONE series 海外専売商品

Collaboration Mina “Navarone” series of ima and DUO.

Rocks on the seashore was developed with a focus on Hirasuzuki, but also strong in rivers and surf, versatile The ability as a standard minnow comes with origami.

125 Slim type is the best choice for unbalanced patterns such as Saori.

※ Sales in Japan are not planned.


  • [Length]125mm
  • [Weight]16g
  • [Depth]20〜80cm
  • [Type]Floating
  • [Hook]ST-46 #6
  • [Action]Woburnrol
  • [Ring]Original #3


  • [Length]125mm
  • [Weight]17.5g
  • [Depth]60〜120cm
  • [Type]Sinking
  • [Hook]ST-46 #6
  • [Action]Woburnrol
  • [Ring]Original #3

Rocks on the seashore well as surf, estuary, tideland, inside the river…and,
A field of activity of NABARONE showing spreading.

Flying distance is also sufficient, strong in flow, it can twitch, shallow OK.

All-purpose minnow corresponding to every field and method.

  • #NB001 #NB125S-001
    Red Head
  • #NB003 #NB125S-003
    Chart Back Pearl
  • #NB006 #NB125S-006
    Red Gold
  • #NB009 #NB125S-009
  • #NB014 #NB125S-014
  • salt_nbr_nb020#NB020 #NB125S-020


  • [Length]125mm
  • [Weight]14g
  • [Depth]40〜80cm
  • [Type]Floating
  • [Hook]ST-46 #6
  • [Action]Woburnrol
  • [Ring]Original #3

Floating minnow with versatile lip.

In the stable swim and the same class the overwhelming carry distance Can be used in any situations.

  • #NB125FS-003
    Cotton Candy
  • #NB125FS-012
    Live Katakuchi
  • #NB125FS-014
  • #NB125FS-015
  • #NB125FS-017
    Pearl Bora
  • #NB125FS-018


  • [Length]150mm
  • [Weight]23g
  • [Depth]50〜150cm
  • [Type]Floating
  • [Hook]ST-46 #3
  • [Action]Woburnrol
  • [Ring]Original #3

In order to capture the strong currents further away Released NABARONE 150F.

It is also sure even if it is torrents while also noting the long-throwing property that made full use of its size Guarantee action. Of course, even within breaker wave Bite in water, with volume action Take out the ranker size. Also supports bluish-skinned fish.

  • #NB15F-001
    Red Head
  • #NB15F-006
    Chart Back Pearl
  • #NB15F-008
    Pink Ohnago
  • #NB15F-013
    Live Katakuchi
  • #NB15F-016
  • #NB15F-018


  • [Length]90mm
  • [Weight]12g
  • [Depth]80〜150cm
  • [Type]Sinking
  • [Hook]ST-46 #6
  • [Action]rolling
  • [Ring]Original #3
  • #NS001 Red Head
  • #NS002 Chart Back Pearl
  • #NS005 Red Gold
  • #NS006 Gold Chart
  • #NS014 Green Pink
  • #NS016 Makoiwashi
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