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Life jacket

Adopt X shape body to reduce
the burden on the body to zero.

ma Original floating vest X – 0 (X – zero)

In the traditional best it took a load only on the shoulder and waist,
but it was a heavy burden, but by setting the best shape to
“X type” and further fitting to the body with a chest belt that goes
round the chest, we can catch the load on the whole body By adopting
the structure, we succeeded in significantly reducing fatigue during fishing.

  • [Size]


  • [Color]
    Black(Attached pouch:Black × White)
    Part number 4004060 / JAN 4539625101275
    Green duck(Attached pouch:Black)
    Part number 4004059 / JAN 4539625082994
    Black/Green(Attached pouch:Black × Green)
    Part number 4004061 / JAN 4539625116651
  • [Price]

    ¥29,800(tax out)

  • Ultra deep wading, you can reduce the risk of flooding by attaching a pouch to the upper D pipe.
  • In the chest part is a garbage storage pocket with velcro which is easy to catch lint and so on inside.
  • Velcro pliers holder. Firmly fixed even when transported. When taking out and in / out frequently, you can fix velcro on the outside so it will not get in the way.
  • Both front pockets are equipped with a water drain hole made by Pragueome which is hard to rust.

“X shape” body shape

Chest belt around the chest

A wide arm hole not to get in the way of casting

The waist harness which integrated with the
back body and increased the fit

Tightening the chest belt too much can cause injury.
Sufficient effect can be obtained with a slight degree of tightness
not burdening the chest with deep breath.

NEW PRODUCTSima inflatable life jacket
  • [Size]

    Waist 70 ~ 100 cm

  • [Type]

    Small vessel life vest Destroyer Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Type Approval Type Type A

  • [Material]

    Polyester 420D

  • [Color]
    Part number 4004062 / JAN 4539625137359
    Green duck
    Part number 4004063 / JAN 4539625137366
  • [Price]

    ¥19,800(tax out)

From February, Heisei 30 mandatory wearing of life jackets conforming to the national safety standards for boats of all small vessels

When falling water self-inflating life jacket that senses and inflates water. Waist belt type that does not disturb the movement of upper body such as casting. In addition to sensing water, reliable operation is possible by pulling a manual operation (puller). Made by BLUESTOME (Takashina Lifesaving Equipment Co., Ltd.) of trust and achievement, type approval product of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (with cherry tree mark).

  • Cherry blossom mark (stamp of approval to type approval test and certification) attached with a life jacket which MLIT conducted an exam and confirmed conformity to safety standards is attached.

  • Adopted a charging device with single indicator. Can be used when the indicator is green.


NEW PRODUCTSima single pocket pouch

Popular single pocket pouch with large capacity. Floating vests and waist belts can be installed in any place. It redesigned the design and this year also appeared.

  • [Size]


  • [Material]


  • [Color]
    Part number 4009075 / JAN 4539625136697
    Part number 4009076 / JAN 4539625136703
    Charcoal gray
    Part number 4009077 / JAN 4539625136710
  • [Price]

    ¥3,200(tax out)

Velcro belt on the back

ima Range Setter Tenya Pouch

induction system Tackle storage pouch that can store Tenya ‘
Madaitamashii Range Setter’ efficiently. Simple,
it will be possible to enjoy Tenya Red Bream more comfortably.

  • [Size]


  • [Material]


  • [Color]
    Part number 4009064 / JAN 4539625058661
    Part number 4009065 / JAN 4539625058678
  • [Price]

    ¥4,400(tax out)

induction system
Internal structure
specialized for
Tenya storage
Six net-like
pockets for storing
parts in small pieces
With urethane
foam to store
with hook


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