• S-shaped shallow runner that can be used for slow

    ■ Super slow throw as close to suspend sinking
    ■ Wide pitch S-shaped slalom corresponding to slow retrieve
    ■ Induced reaction byte with variable retrieve

    With the advance of high pressure, strong action of water pressure Although it is getting easier to be hated by seabass, Under such circumstances it is the S-shaped action that exerts enormous power. Even at the time of dead slow retrieve, somari 90, Draw a smooth S shape and invite seabass in the hottest range just under the water surface. The greatest feature is super fast-sinking setting that directs between meals. Aside from stopping from the action, of course, just by shedding on the flow without flowing it draws an S-shaped action automatically Continue to invite seabass bites.

    somari 90

    • #SO90-001 Red Head Pearl OB 4539625137151
    • #SO90-002 Chart Back Pearl 4539625137168
    • #SO90-003 Chart Head Clear 4539625137175
    • #SO90-004 Cotton Candy 4539625137182
    • #SO90-005 Matt Golden 4539625137199
    • #SO90-006 CH Flash 4539625137205
    • #SO90-007 GreenGold 4539625137212
    • #SO90-008 PHBBC 4539625137229
    • #SO90-009 Makoiwashi 4539625137236
    • #SO90-010 Pearl Bora OB 4539625137243
    • #SO90-011 Bora 4539625137250
    • #SO90-012 Black & Black 4539625137267
    • #SO90-013 Blue Pearl Firefly 4539625153540
    • #SO90-014 Moon Night Shadow 4539625153557
Spec comparison
Model Length Weight Type Range Action Hook Ring Price (tax out)
somari 90 90mm 18g Slow Sinking 5〜40cm S-shaped slalom #4 #3 ¥1,800


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