• 70mm class flying distance Showing flying distance Jig Minnow
    ■ Faraway performance to inherit the performance of original 95mm
    ■ Faint roll action imitating the wave of small baits
    ■ Corresponds to a vast open area

    Pioneered a new genre as Jig Minnow which can draw shallow Rocket Bait series. The original size, Rocket Bait 95, Exceptional long range performance and fishing performance are evaluated and not only seabass angler, It is a lure that gained popularity from flat fish anglers. The miniaturized Rocket Bait 75 leaves more than enough flight distance, Shrinking the silhouette. When you want to skip, but when you can not raise the size and weight of the lure etc, it is the place of greatest success. The action is a tie-trawling action that inherits the original, Pursuit of a weak wave generated by a small bait, Weak tight rolling action set. Sardine type and, It is indispensable when we arrive at a weak swimming bait such as Shirasu and Saori.

    Rocket Bait 75

    • #RB75-001 Red Head Pearl OB 4539625098780
    • #RB75-002 Chart Back Pearl 4539625098797
    • #RB75-003 Matt Chart 4539625098803
    • #RB75-004 Cotton Candy 4539625098810
    • #RB75-005 Lime Star Clear 4539625098827
    • #RB75-006 Metal Lime Chart 4539625098834
    • #RB75-007 BH Clear 4539625098841
    • #RB75-008 Makoiwashi 4539625098858
    • #RB75-009 Bora 4539625098865
    • #RB75-010 Haku 4539625098872
    • #RB75-011 Gold Candy 4539625098889
    • #RB75-012 Black & Black 4539625098896
    • #RB75-013 PHBBC 4539625125813
    • #RB75-014 River Salt 4539625125820
    • #RB75-015 Red Head 4539625169787
    • #RB75-016 Gyokusai 4539625169794
    • #RB75-017 Pink & Pink 4539625169800
    • #RB75-018 Gold Mullet 4539625169817
  • Open up an unexplored shallow with amazing distance!
    ■ Extremely flying distances reach distant shallows!
    ■ You can trace a dead shallow slow!
    Glittering shiny glossy tight rolling action!

    First of all, this lure was developed. If you only want to fly distance, there are metal jigs and jigmonoats, Unfortunately I can not swim in slow retrieve. If you aim only at bluish-skinned fish, that's fine, The story is different if it becomes a seabass whose swimming power is lower than bluish-skinned fish. Also, the range will be shallow for seabass to activate predation activities. So what ima thought was reversing the common sense of adding a lip to Jig Minnow lure ! It is the birth of an unprecedented new type of plug capable of retrieving amazing distance distance performance and shallow with slow throw.

    Rocket Bait 95

    • #RB95-001 Red Head 4539625050580
    • #RB95-003 Chart Back Pearl 4539625050603
    • #RB95-005 Cotton Candy 4539625050627
    • #RB95-006 Gyokusai 4539625050634
    • #RB95-008 Makoiwashi 4539625050658
    • #RB95-009 Bora 4539625050665
    • #RB95-010 Joker 4539625050672
    • #RB95-011 Creamy Chart 4539625066352
      Tetsuya Henmi COLOR
    • #RB95-012 Mat Chart Back 4539625083649
    • #RB95-013 Mat Blue Back Chart 4539625083656
    • #RB95-014 Pink Orange 4539625083663
    • #RB95-015 Gold Candy 4539625083670
    • #RB95-016 Metal Lime Chart 4539625118181
    • #RB95-017 Black & Black 4539625118198
    • RB95-018 CH Flash 4539625130039 New color Released in May 2018
    • #RB95-019 Metal Shad 4539625130046 New color Released in May 2018
    • #RB95-020 Pink & pink 4539625155469 New color Released in Sep 2019
    • #RB95-021 Plated sardines 4539625155476 New color Released in Sep 2019
    • #RB95-022 See-through Bora 4539625155483 New color Released in Sep 2019
    • #RB95-023 Mat Chart 4539625155490 New color Released in Sep 2019
  • Further flying distance up
    Heavy model to reach far away from anyone

    As rare flight distance and "Jig Minnow to draw a shallow", Rocket Bait 95 has been striking a number of catch regardless of fish species. However, from anglers to capture cents a vast field even this fly just lure increased the voice that you want to skip more and more. These requests were supposed from the test stage of Rocket Bait 95, and they were developing in parallel. Compared to the normal model, this Rocket Bait 95 heavy, A model that is more conscious of the target of the open ocean. Easier to capture the deep or bottom area by flying farther than anyone in a vast field.

    Rocket Bait 95 Heavy

    • #RB95H-001 Red Head 4539625084905
    • #RB95H-002 Chart Back Pearl 4539625084912
    • #RB95H-003 Lime Head Clear 4539625084929
    • #RB95H-004 Pink Back Clear 4539625084936
    • #RB95H-005 Akakin 4539625084943
    • #RB95H-006 Ibaraki Candy 4539625084950
    • #RB95H-007 Mat Blue Back Chart 4539625084967
    • #RB95H-008 Gold Candy 4539625084974
    • #RB95H-009 Pink Back Candy 4539625084981
    • #RB95H-010 Red Pink 4539625084998
    • #RB95H-011 Makoiwashi 4539625085001
    • #RB95H-012 Bora 4539625085018
    • #RB95H-013 Metal Lime Chart 4539625118204
    • #RB95H-014 Black & Black 4539625118211
    • #RB95H-015 CH Flash 4539625130053 New color Released in May 2018
    • #RB95H-016 Metal Shad 4539625130060 New color Released in May 2018
    • #RB95H-017 Pink & pink 4539625155506 New color Released in Sep 2019
    • #RB95H-018 Plated sardines 4539625155513 New color Released in Sep 2019
    • #RB95H-019 See-through Bora 4539625155520 New color Released in Sep 2019
    • #RB95H-020 Mat Chart 4539625155537 New color Released in Sep 2019
Spec comparison
Model Length Weight Type Range Action Hook Ring Price (tax out)
Rocket Bait 75 75mm 13g Sinking 5〜40cm Weak Tight Rolling #12 #2 ¥1,500
Rocket Bait 95 95mm 22g Sinking 5〜100cm Tight rolling Front #6 / Rear #4 #3 ¥1,850
Rocket Bait 95 Heavy 95mm 30g Sinking 20〜200cm Tight rolling Front #6 / Rear #4 #3 ¥1,900


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