• Great results produced with a Straight Retrieve or with Darting Action!
    ■ Perfect for all skill levels! Lightning bolt darting action!
    ■Performs in all types of situations, from shallow areas to deeper depths.
    ■ Casts at great distances with proper flight positioning

    Lightning Strikes the Vibration World. Ima’s first ever lure made specifically for darting comes in the release of the RAIKIRI 70 vibration bait. No matter the angler’s skill level, this new concept vibration is easy to use and darts with flawless motion. After hours upon hours of design and testing, the RAIKIRI 70 was perfected to cast at great distances with proper flight positioning allowing for less hook tangling, and also trace in the 50-200cm range. This Ace Class Lure can be used for all types of situations.

    RAIKIRI 70

    • #RK70-001 Red Head 4539625168766
    • #RK70-002 Chart Back Pearl 4539625168773
    • #RK70-003 Cotton Candy 4539625168780
    • #RK70-004 Mullet 4539625168797
    • #RK70-005 Gold Mullet 4539625168803
    • #RK70-006 Mako Sardine 4539625168810
    • #RK70-007 Plated Sardine 4539625168827
    • #RK70-008 Matte Chart 4539625168834
    • #RK70-009 Gyokusai 4539625168841
    • #RK70-010 Gold Chart Sardine 4539625168858
    • #RK70-011 Moon Night Shadow 4539625168865
    • #RK70-012 Pink & Pink 4539625168872
Spec comparison
Model Length Weight Range Action Hook Price (tax out)
RAIKIRI 70 70mm 15g 50〜200cm Vibration #6 ¥1,200


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