• ■ Unique dragging wave that moist and water surface glows effect
    ■ Small but realistic threat flying distance
    ■ Quick rise immediately after landing

    Mr. Yuki Ohno completely supervised Minnow in Prince of the bay. Such as time zones when the flow ceases to exist and no wave no wind, Molmo80 was developed with the concept of overcoming difficult situations. With a stable flight distance, it is not too big and not too small Wobbn'Roll action occurred. Rising immediately after landing is wonderful, keeps it right under the water surface (0 -20cm) stably. The biggest feature is the unique drawn wave which peels off a piece of thin skin just under the water surface which occurs in slow retrieve. Boasting 1 ton of landing per year Yuki Ohno craving, made Kodawari setting,


    • [Length]80mm
    • [Weight]12g
    • [Type]floating
    • [Range]0〜20cm
    • [Action]Wobbn'Roll
    • [Hook]#6
    • [Ring]#3
    • [Price]¥1,800 (tax out)
    • [Birthday]2011/3/31
    • [Recommended area]TidelandHarborRiver
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