• Perfect supervision of Hamamoto Kunihiko. Shad plug to stop and eat
    ■ Magnetic center of gravity movement that balances flight distance and quick rise
    ■ Suspended setting that allows you to freely create "between bite"
    ■Action swimming fun swimming

    The evolved form of the B-ta series that Hamamoto Kunihiko loves, That's K-ta 77 SUSPEND. Exact casting performance required for pin spot shooting, Rising speed. Magnet center of gravity movement system realizes all of it in high dimensional. And by suspending setting drifting in a horizontal posture, you can direct "during meal" at the moment when you stop retrieving and action as Angler 's thought. Port area, small river, boat seabass game etc., seabass seems to be there, So when you want to use your mouth to demonstrate high power.

    K-ta 77 SUSPEND

    • #KT77-001 Red Head 4539625101145
    • #KT77-002 Chart Back Pearl 4539625101152
    • #KT77-003 Clear Crown 4539625101169
    • #KT77-004 Cotton Candy 4539625101176
    • #KT77-005 Green Gold White 4539625101183
    • #KT77-006 Shiner 4539625101190
    • #KT77-007 Haku 4539625101206
    • #KT77-008 Makoiwashi 4539625101213
    • #KT77-009 Bora 4539625101220
    • #KT77-010 Gold Candy 4539625101237
    • #KT77-011 Dream Shirasu 4539625101244
    • #KT77-012 Blue Hamai 4539625101251
    • #KT77-013 Hammer Guigo 4539625101268
    • #KT77-014 Ole Pintoiborn 4539625129743 New color Released in June 2018
    • #KT77-015 Royal Bourbon 4539625129750 New color Released in June 2018
    • #KT77-016 ima spot 4539625129767 New color Released in June 2018
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K-ta 77 SUSPEND 10〜60cm ¥1,550
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