• Small plug beyond the limit of small plug

    Recent seabass fishing with small plugs. The kosuke 85F inherited the basic performance of 110 F but eliminated all the drawbacks of the small plug. It has inferior flight distance performance not to lose to 110F, It is possible to use it in an open area or an open ocean where the small plug is not originally required. And a seemingly unbalanced large #4 hook on the 85mm body. You can fight without fear in the field that the ranker lurks or in a situation where a brute fight is necessary. Size and high basic performance that can be used throughout the year for port and river. Small but demonstrate performance beyond size "Small makes a big doubt" lure That is kosuke 85F.

    kosuke 85F

    • #KK85-001 Red Head Pearl OB 4539625098667
    • #KK85-002 Chart Back Pearl 4539625098674
    • #KK85-003 Matt Chart 4539625098681
    • #KK85-004 Cotton Candy 4539625098698
    • #KK85-005 Strawberry Milk 4539625098704
    • #KK85-006 Lime Star Clear 4539625098711
    • #KK85-007 Metal Lime Chart 4539625098728
    • #KK85-008 Mat Blue Back Orange 4539625098735
    • #KK85-009 Makoiwashi 4539625098742
    • #KK85-010 Bora 4539625098759
    • #KK85-011 Gold Candy 4539625098766
    • #KK85-12 Black & Black 4539625098773
    • #KK85-013 Pearl Bora OB 4539625125639 New color Released in March 2018
    • #KK85-014 PHBBC 4539625125646 New color Released in March 2018
    • #KK85-015 Bora Glow 4539625130565 Yuki Ohno COLOR
      New color Released in June 2018
    • #KK110-018 Matt Orange Blue 4539625130572 Hironori Suzuki COLOR
      New color Released in June 2018
    • #KK85-017 Blue Hamai 4539625130589 Kunihiro Hamamoto COLOR
      New color Released in June 2018
    • #KK85-018 Classical RH 4539625130596 Tetsuya Henmi COLOR
      New color Released in June 2018
    • #KK85-019 Red Gold 4539625149956 New color
      Scheduled to be released in
      March 2019
    • #KK85-020 Moon Night Shadow 4539625149963 New color
      Scheduled to be released in
      March 2019
  • A culmination of ima, continuing to komomoand sasuke
    ■ A football type original lip that also senses a slight flow velocity change
    ■ A rare far-distancing performance that knocks out a distance greater than the size
    ■ Range & action that fills the middle between Komomoand Sasuke

    Until now we have counted on countless achievements, and representative works of ima, most loved by anglers, komomoand sasuke. If there was a lure like the middle between these two ... kosuke was developed in response to such many voices. Rolling too light pull resistance seen in komomo· sasuke, The ability to respond to the strong flow of wobbling and ease of threading. It is the football type lip that solves those disadvantages. Rolling action is dead slow to medium speed, Without dividing the surface of the water at high speed Wobbn'Roll to variable action to swim in. By changing the retrieve speed, It is a minor of a new key axis that can be manipulated by Angler's will.

    kosuke 110F

    • #KK110-001 Red Head Pearl OB 4539625077976
    • #KK110-002 Chart Back Pearl 4539625077983
    • #KK110-003 Matt Chart 4539625077990
    • #KK110-004 Cotton Candy 4539625082758
    • #KK110-006 Lime Star Clear 4539625082772
    • #KK110-007 Green Gold 4539625082789
    • #KK110-009 Urume Sardine 4539625082802
    • #KK110-010 Makoiwashi 4539625082819
    • #KK110-011 Bora 4539625082826
    • #KK110-012 Gold Candy 4539625082833
    • #KK110-013 Lime Back Pearl Glow 4539625101107
    • #KK110-014 Metal Lime Chart 4539625101114
    • #KK110-015 Mat Blue Back Orange 4539625101121
    • #KK110-016 Black & Black 4539625101138
    • #KK110-017 Bora Glow 4539625130602 Yuki Ohno COLOR
      New color Released in June 2018
    • #KK110-018 Matt Orange Blue 4539625130619 Hironori Suzuki COLOR
      New color Released in June 2018
    • #KK110-019 Blue Hamai 4539625130626 Kunihiro Hamamoto COLOR
      New color Released in June 2018
    • #KK110-020 Classical RH 4539625130633 Tetsuya Henmi COLOR
      New color Released in June 2018
    • #KK110-021 Pearl Bora OB 4539625130640 New color
      Scheduled to be released in the fall of 2018
    • #KK110-022 PHBBC 4539625130657 New color
      Scheduled to be released in the fall of 2018
    • #KK110-023 Gyokusai 4539625169824
    • #KK110-024 Pink & Pink 4539625169831
    • #KK110-025 Plated Sardine 4539625169848
    • #KK110-026 Gold Bora 4539625169855
  • All-around power minnow with captivating roll action
    ■ 26g weight and castability from a stable flight posture.
    ■ Rolling-based feeding action unique to the kosuke series.
    ■ Equipped with a large # 2 hook that can be used on firewood and for unexpected rankers.

    The strongest in the series. A 130mm kosuke that breaks down the rough control specialized in power is born!
    The kosuke series has become the basic of modern sea bass games that play an active role in various situations throughout the country.
    Kosuke have catched many fish with exquisite action and flying distance as weapons. 130mm that specializes in open areas and rough conditions appears in such kosuke.
    The power system kosuke that can strengthen the internal structure such as increasing the wire strength and face large fishes with peace of mind has further increased the range of capture!

    kosuke 130F

    • #KK130-001 Red Head 4539625154837
    • #KK130-002 Chart Back Pearl 4539625154844
    • #KK130-003 Cotton Candy 4539625154851
    • #KK130-004 Bora 4539625154868
    • #KK130-005 Makoiwashi 4539625154875
    • #KK130-006 Plated sardines 4539625154882
    • #KK130-007 Mat Chart 4539625154899
    • #KK130-008 Black & Black 4539625154905
    • #KK130-009 Pink & pink 4539625154912
    • #KK130-010 Gyokusai 4539625154929
    • #KK130-011 Konoshiro 4539625154936
    • #KK130-012 Lime Star Clear 4539625154943

    Adventurous hero of large bait pattern 170mm kosuke
    ■ Imitate a large bait with a big size of 170 mm
    ■ High castability produced by weight of 39g and stable flight attitude
    ■ Rolling-based, glossy action

    Season in with big size kosuke! When autumn deepens, Bora · Konoshiro and fall otaku in rivers and estuaries, and large-scale Sardine · hatahata in the open ocean. Kosuke 170F was developed specifically for this big bait pattern. It is a minor combining the rolling action which is the feature of the kosuke series, to the castability delivered from a big size of 170mm and 39g of heavy weight. Tackle is more than medium class, the way to attack is only reeling, as well as effective drift with falling ayu pattern, it corresponds to various usage such as twitch and jerk used for daytime Konoshiro pattern. Kosuke 170F is indispensable for the large bait pattern from this autumn to early winter.

    kosuke 170F

    • [Length]170mm
    • [Weight]39g
    • [Type]floating
    • [Range]30〜80cm
    • [Action]Rolling
    • [Hook]#3
    • [Ring]#4
    • [Price]¥2,300 (tax out)
    • [Birthday]2018/10/10
    • [Recommended area]Rocks on the seashoreRiverEstuaryOcean
    • #KK170-001 Red Head Pearl OB 4539625143817
    • #KK170-002 Chart Back Pearl 4539625143824
    • #KK170-003 Mat Chart 4539625143831
    • #KK170-004 Cotton Candy 4539625143848
    • #KK170-005 Gyokusai 4539625143855
    • #KK170-006 Mako Iwashi 4539625143862
    • #KK170-007 Bora 4539625143879
    • #KK170-008 Black & Black 4539625143886
    • #KK170-009 Brink Half Pearl 4539625143893
    • #KK170-010 Ocean glass 4539625143909
    • #KK170-011 Konoshiro 4539625161408
    • #KK170-012 Fallen Ayu 4539625161415

    Compact size kosuke enjoying light games
    ■ Shallow minnow effective for fish of superficial consciousness
    ■ Attracting targets with rolling action
    ■ High flying distance performance even in compact size

    ima's downsizing for popular lure kosuke for megal. With excellent long throwing performance, information is easy to be transmitted to the hand because the water biting is good with a large lip. Massive rolling minnow enriches mebaru pluggin further.

    meba kosuke 35F

    • #MKK35-001 Clear Pepper 4539625146306
    • #MKK35-002 PH Clear 4539625146313
    • #MKK35-003 Cherry Blossom 4539625146320
    • #MKK35-004 Sodium Orange 4539625146337
    • #MKK35-005 Chart Pepper 4539625146344
    • #MKK35-006 Shirasu Glow Belly 4539625146351
    • #MKK35-007 Warekara 4539625146368
    • #MKK35-008 OH Pearl 4539625146375
    • #MKK35-009 Seglo Blue Glow 4539625146382
    • #MKK35-010 See-through Bait 4539625146399
    • #MKK35-011 Mat Night Black 4539625146405
    • #MKK35-012 Lime Red Pepper 4539625146412
  • A sinking model that offers improved casting distances and shines in rough water.
    ■Compared with the floating model, it stays beneath the surface even in rougher waters.
    ■Stays in the target depth range without diving too much.
    ■Capable of a faster retrieve speed effective for all types of game fish.

    The meba kosuke is now available in a sinking model. The meba kosuke 35S was developed to be used as a light game sinking minnow when you need an offering when floating models just don’t cover the depth range. It offers the same signature lip shape as the kosuke Series and has additional weight over the meba kosuke 35F ensuring a stable center of gravity. It shines in rougher or moving water and is effective on all types of game fish.

    meba kosuke 35S

    • [Length]35mm
    • [Weight]2.7g
    • [Type]Sinking
    • [Range]20〜60cm
    • [Action]Rolling
    • [Hook]#14
    • [Ring]#1
    • [Price]¥1,200 (tax out)
    • [Birthday]Mar 10, 2020
    • [Recommended area]Rocks on the seashoreHarbor
    • #MKK35S-001 Clear Pepper 4539625169008
    • #MKK35S-002 PH Clear 4539625169015
    • #MKK35S-003 Cherry Blossom 4539625169022
    • #MKK35S-004 Sodium Orange 4539625169039
    • #MKK35S-005 Chart Pepper 4539625169046
    • #MKK35S-006 Shirasu Glowberry 4539625169053
    • #MKK35S-007 Crackled Color 4539625169060
    • #MKK35S-008 OH Pearl 4539625169077
    • #MKK35S-009 Black Back Blue Glow 4539625169084
    • #MKK35S-010 See-Through Bait 4539625169091
    • #MKK35S-011 Matte Night Black 4539625169107
    • #MKK35S-012 Lime Red Pepper 4539625169114
Spec comparison
Model Length Weight Type Range Action Hook Ring Price (tax out)
kosuke 85F 85mm 11.5g floating 30〜70cm Rolling #4 #3 ¥1,750
kosuke 110F 110mm 17g floating 40〜80cm Rolling #4 #3 ¥1,950
kosuke 130F 130mm 26g floating 50〜90cm Rolling #2 #4 ¥2,000
kosuke 170F 170mm 39g floating 30〜80cm Rolling #3 #4 ¥2,300
meba kosuke 35F 35mm 2.2g floating 5〜20cm Rolling #14 #1 ¥1,200
meba kosuke 35S 35mm 2.7g Sinking 20〜60cm Rolling #14 #1 ¥1,200


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