• Shaking used to slow in medium/close range fight
    Sinking pencil!
    ■ Stable swimming posture even in medium/close range warfare!
    ■ Keep the target range quickly with the sudden rise of water!
    ■ Appeal fiercely to the target with a dragged wave that shakes greatly!

    It is not mere downsizing, it lives in medium and long distances For Aldente 95S, it is Aldente 70S which corresponds to medium/near distance war, which draws a line with distance, speed and action with fish. Taking advantage of the small size and the lightness of the weight, securing a stable swimming attitude so as not to miss byte opportunities to the feet. Furthermore, unlike the discreet action 95S, Sinking adopts a slow swing action entering from the peculiar head, In order to maximize the interest of neutral fish. Because it is also compatible with a small sandwarm, sandworm swimming for laying eggs It is indispensable until the end of the season.

    Aldente 70S

    • #AD70-001 Happy Lemon 4539625054533
    • #AD70-002 Carbonara 4539625054540
    • #AD70-003 Moonlight Blood 4539625054557
    • #AD70-004 Perle Yellow 4539625054564
    • #AD70-005 Perle Pink 4539625054571
    • #AD70-006 Lightning Purple 4539625054588
    • #AD70- 007 Lightning Black 4539625054595
    • #AD70-008 Pistachio 4539625054601
    • #AD70-009 Coffee Latte 4539625054618
    • #AD70-010 Golden Mango 4539625054625
    • #AD70-011 Red Paprika 4539625054632
    • #AD70-012 Bay Night Fever 4539625094591
    • #AD70-013 Grey 4539625094607
    • #AD70-014 Almost Glow 4539625094614
    • #AD70-015 Mango Jelly 4539625125578
    • #AD70-016 Mandarin Orange 4539625125585
    • #AD70-017 Melty Worm 4539625125592
    • #AD70-018 Tropical Bait 4539625166519
    • #AD70-019 Belly Belly 4539625166526
    • #AD70-020 Blue Soda Cream 4539625166533
    • #AD70-021 Bachi Camo 4539625166540
  • ■ Rear fixed center of gravity that gives outstanding flying distance
    ■ The target of offshore escape is not escaped by the sudden rise of water surface
    ■ Appealing to the target intensely on the target with the shaking waves

    You can easily keep the surface range with just winding of slow retrieve immediately after landing, Roll action gently. As a result, an exquisite V-shaped ripple and swinging pulling wave are generated, It intensely appeals to the target which considers near the water surface. And if you increase the retrieve speed, It is possible to enlarge the fluctuating roll action. Target with far distance can also aim at the reaction bite due to the start of winding just after landing, with its excellent flight distance and speed of floating though it is slim.

    Aldente 95S

    • [Length]95mm
    • [Weight]7.1g
    • [Type]Sinking
    • [Range]0〜1cm
    • [Action]Fluctuating roll action
    • [Hook]#10
    • [Ring]#2
    • [Price]¥1,500 (tax out)
    • [Birthday]2012/12/10
    • [Recommended area]TidelandHarborRiver
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    • [Posted articles]
    • #AD95-007 Carbonara 4539625202064
    • #AD95-008 Happy Lemon 4539625202071
    • #AD95-009 Moonlight Blood 4539625202088
    • #AD95-013 Perle Pink 4539625202125
    • #AD95-014 Perl Yellow 4539625202132
    • #AD95-015 Lightning Purple 4539625029944
    • #AD95-016 Lightning Black 4539625029951
    • #AD95-019 Pistachio 4539625058708
    • #AD95-020 Coffee Latte 4539625058715
    • #AD95-021 Golden Mango 4539625058722
    • #AD95-022 Red Paprika 4539625058739
    • #AD95-023 Bay Night Fever 4539625094560
    • #AD95-024 Grey 4539625094577
    • #AD95-025 Almost Glow 4539625094584
    • #AD70-015 Mango Jelly 4539625125608
    • #AD95-027 Mandarin Orange 4539625125615
    • #AD95-028 Melty worm 4539625125622
    • #AD95-029 Tropical Bait 4539625166557
    • #AD95-030 Belly Belly 4539625166564
    • #AD95-031 Blue Soda Cream 4539625166571
    • #AD95-032 Bachi Camo 4539625166588
Spec comparison
Model Length Weight Type Range Action Hook Ring Price (tax out)
Aldente 70S 70mm 4g Sinking 0〜1cm Fluctuating roll action #12 #2 ¥1,500
Aldente 95S 95mm 7.1g Sinking 0〜1cm Fluctuating roll action #10 #2 ¥1,500


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